Security Aspects of Fostering the Dominance of Politics Over Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Halilović-Kibrić, N. . (2020). Security Aspects of Fostering the Dominance of Politics Over Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kriminalističke Teme, 20(5), 57-76.


Reason(s) for writing and research problem(s): Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a unique opportunity to examine how education is evolving and adapting in the context of state-building and the extent of efforts made in a still ethnically divided society. It seems very important to examine the role that politics have played in education in Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout history, and the consequences that certain attitudes have had on the current security situation in the country.

Aims of the paper (scientific and/or social): This paper aims to determine the consequences of fostering the dominance of politics over education on current relations among citizens in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina, and unveil the impacts of such relations on national security.

Methodology/Design: The following methods were used: analytical-synthetic methods, hypothetical-deductive methods, and also axiomatic and comparative methods and, from the data collection perspective, the method of document content analysis, as well as the case study method.

Research/paper limitations: The main limitation of this paper is the impossibility to provide a more detailed analysis for the period of 1992-1995. Namely, there are very few available materials that testify to the topic of education in this period.

Results/Findings: The results show that all authorities in the observed periods were aware that the ease of their rule and the repetition and maintenance of the ruling relationship depend to a small extent on the character of education. As a result, they carefully selected and prepared curricula and designed educational programs according to their preferences, thus proving the direct impact of politics on education.

General conclusion: The impact of politics on education in all three analysed periods of development of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina was confirmed. Given the persistent ethnic polarization, all countries in the region could make fair use of the Council of Europe's expertise, primarily in the areas of human rights, democratic citizenship and cultural diversity.

Research/paper validity: In scientific terms, the research is justified by the need to point out the consequences that the politicized, segregated, fragmented and decentralized education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina has on security issues.
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