Marija Lučić-Ćatić


This article reflects on tension experienced in researching the prison world with both qualitative and quantitative styles of research, mainly drawing on an ongoing PhD research project “Proactive criminal investigations in the penitentiary system of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, but also reflecting on other research projects conducted in prisons that were used as guidelines in the aforementioned PhD project. The article focuses on the methods that should be used in research in correctional facilities, inconsistencies between official data and information provided by prisoners, and the significance of the emotional reactions and narrative accounts of inmates, staff, and even researchers during interviews in correctional settings. The purpose of this work is to provide critical insights into conducting prison research and to acquaint readers with some of the problems that can arise when researching prisons and prisoners in order to facilitate future research.

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prison research ; qualitative methods ; quantitative methods ; emotions ; researchers ; prisoners ; interviews

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