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Number of minor felons is constantly increasing, especially in countries in transition like Bosnia and Herzegovina. Educational measures which are applied to minor delinquents often do not have enough influence, because measures are not based on needs and issues that delinquent have, but they are derived from administrative routine. Disrupted value system, morals erosion, entropy and wrong ideals in society contribute to minor delinquency expansion. In order to help these young people, during educational work, it is necessary to recognize their attitude, interest, talents and predispositions, to motivate them and to encourage them to face problems by themself. One of education forms in educational-corrective work with underage felons is drama-club in correctional institution in Banja Luka, where stated aspects are main factors in decision of these young people to change their way of life.

Theatre show „I wanna go home“, where together act young delinquents, their educators and police officers is true story about destiny of young people who want new chance and new beginning in their life. The show raises many questions about society issues, but also states request that society must deal with these issues. Drama-club, as well as show itself, has influence to educational work with minor delinquents, because it shows their positive side, as well as their talents, efforts and willingness to show that they can and want to be better people.

Main goal of this paper is to demonstrate new experiences in educational work with underage felons, by involving them in drama-club, as innovative approach that showed great results in their social rehabilitation. Drama-club is educational innovation that combines several forms of treatment, which testify to their importance and role that it has in educational work with underage delinquents.

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drama-club ; underage delinquents ; rehabilitation ; educational treatment

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