Genesis of Computer Criminality
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Convention on Cybercrime
Law of exchanges and amendment of Criminal law
computer criminality
criminal act internet
Konvencija o kibernetičkom kriminalu
Zakon o izmjenanama i dopunama Kaznenog zakona
računalni kriminalitet
kazneno djelo

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Reason(s) for writing and research problem(s): Computer crime as a number of socially unacceptable behavior

Aims of the paper (scientific and/or social): Effective suppression. To encourage awareness of the harmfulness.

Methodology/Design: Overview of existing literature. Overview of Internet sources.

Research/paper limitations: Do not exist.

Results/Findings: The emergence of a large number of criminal acts in the field of computer crime.

General conclusion: In the eightieth and the Ninetieth years of XX. century was became to abrupt development of modern computer technologies. Then was became to appearrance of internet which be bring many advantageous information to the peoples in all life areas.

Research/paper validity: Combating computer crime as a major negative social

PDF (Hrvatski)
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