Family Violence Against Women in Serbia and Greece: The Impact Patriarchy and Tradition
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Spasić, D. . (2017). Family Violence Against Women in Serbia and Greece: The Impact Patriarchy and Tradition. Kriminalističke Teme, (5), 473-489. Retrieved from


The inspiration for work and the problem (s) that are dealt with: The study of family violence is a specific challenge, because this form of violence is a specific social problem, whose aetiology is based on the multifactorial influence of the cultural, traditional, historical environment, that is, the patriarchate And gender socialization, especially in the countries of the Western Balkans. Therefore, this paper presents and examines the issue of domestic violence in Serbia and Greece.

Goals of work (scientific and/or social): The scientific goal of this research is to contribute to the cross-cultural academic study of family violence as a phenomenon. The social goal of the research is related to the understanding of family violence as a social problem and a problem of quality of life.

Methodology/Design: Theoretical considerations within the qualitative methodological approach focus on socio-cultural perspectives that are the result of the patriarchal structure of Serbian and Greek institutions and systems.

Work/research limits: A survey of violence in Greece points to the lack of relevant qualitative studies and databases. In Serbia, domestic violence is recognized and investigated as a social, not individual, personal problem of victims.

Results/general conclusion: The common characteristics of domestic violence in Serbia and Greece are conditioned by the similarities of the cultural, historical, religious and traditional environment, and the influence of patriarchal social structures and gender socialization.

Justification of research/ work: Family violence research is a contribution to the un- derstanding of quantitative and qualitative specificities of the phenomenon characterized by prejudices, a strong influence of tradition and cult of patriarchy.

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