Problem of Trafficking in Montenegro


human trafficking
organized crime
the situation of human trafficking in Montenegro opposition trgovina ljudima
organizovani kriminal
stanje trgovine ljudima u Crnoj Gori

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Zejnilović, D. . (2017). Problem of Trafficking in Montenegro. Kriminalističke Teme, (5), 510-525. Retrieved from


Reason for writing and research problem(s): The few previous reports on this and other available data were not able to provide complete insight into the distribution, structure and characteristics of trafficking in Montenegro.

Aims of the paper (scientific and/ or social): To analyze the situation in the region when it comes to human trafficking, conduct research on the territory of Montenegro on the presence of human trafficking, to analyze the problem of human trafficking and to point out the best measures to combat human trafficking.

Methodology/ Design: In the search for an appropriate methodological approach, should start from the generally accepted theory rules in many scientific disciplines, according to which the subject matter and methods of study are in mutual dependence. Therefore, in explaining phenomena such as trafficking in human beings, we should start from the fact that it is a general social phenomenon in the broadest sense of the word, and can be interpreted with various aspects.

Research/ Paper limitation: The problem of human trafficking in Montenegro requires a more comprehensive and specific approach in all segments, which is not the case. There are quite pronounced discrepancy between the media attention, the space given to this phenomenon and what specific country with their instruments, the authorities in order to fight for the suppression of the problem.

Results/ General Conclusion: Montenegro is primarily a transit country but also a country of origin and temporary destination for victims of trafficking.

Research/ Paper Validity: Human trafficking is a global phenomenon present in most countries. Human trafficking is spreading at incredible speed reaching alarming proportions. The data associated with this phenomenon is worrying.

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