The Phenomenology of Registered Environmental Crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Environmental crime
green criminology
defense reform of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Kobajica, S. (2018). The Phenomenology of Registered Environmental Crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kriminalističke Teme, (5-6), 205-224. Retrieved from


Environmental crimes and their harms are largely neglected in contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina [BiH]. Efficient and effective environmental protection is hindered by limited (empirical) knowledge about the phenomenology and aetiology of these crimes and the lack of formal reaction mechanisms. This study examines the phenomena and typology of environmental crime in BiH based on the legalist perspective in green criminology. Therefore, the main objectives of this study are to determine forms, extent and distribution of registered environmental crime in BiH. The data stem from the Agency for Statistics at the state level, as well as from Entities offices of statistics. The study findings indicate that environmental crime does exist in BiH. The most frequent registered forms are the forest theft, following by the illegal hunting and fishing, the torture and killing of animals and the devastation of forests. It is widely assumed that in this field there are a considerable number of cases that go unrecorded. Creation and implementation of criminal justice policies are crucial for any successful response to environmental threats and they need to have in mind such findings.
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