Significance of Criminal Investigation Profiling in Clarifying Crime by Unknown Executer!


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Bojanić, N., & Srdanović, M. . (2012). Significance of Criminal Investigation Profiling in Clarifying Crime by Unknown Executer!. Kriminalističke Teme, (1-2), 81-103. Retrieved from


This paper says about method that is used in conduction of criminalistic procedures in function to elucidate the hardest shapes of crimes, and which is not enough familiar and developed in our region. Profiling is most frequently used in solving serial violence crime. It is credit about elucidation most hardest crimes by unkown executor. This domain in criminalistic practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not represented in full capacity. From one point of view the couse is cognition nonentity about profiling meaning in case of unkown prosecutor which would demand meticulously profiling in purpose of it’s illumination. Basics for making this paper was the segment of profiling role which is processed by Nebojša Bojanid PhD, in his Ph.D dissertation, where he processed significance of profiling as auxiliary action for clarification crimes from violence crime area. In aspect of foregoing period, the authors in this paper commonly come to the new cognitions in elucidation for unknown person executed crime. Although with particural ways of getting informations about criminal person personality beggins in the earliest phases of criminalistic processing, especially in investigation proceeding, criminalistic profiling is used as the last instance in resolving of the crime, when convenctional methods are no longer able to show results and when all crime versions are exhausted. A criminal profile before final annoucement is padded vith every new cognition. There is clear distinction in the work between criminalistic and psychologic profiling. Main aim of of this paper is to explain elements of criminalistic profiling, thus to determine possibilities and validity of using criminal profiling in implementation framework for criminal procedures in eludicidation of crimes in domestic practice.

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