Electronics Security Systems in Technical Security Protection of Objects


techinical security protection
electronic system
crime content
alarm systems
sensors systems
video surveillance
central surveillance system Tehnička zaštita
elektronski sistemi
kriminalistički sadržaji
alarmni sistemi
senzorska zaštita
video nadzor
centralni nadzorni sistem

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Bojanić, N. (2004). Electronics Security Systems in Technical Security Protection of Objects. Kriminalističke Teme, 4(1-2), 29-47. Retrieved from https://krimteme.fkn.unsa.ba/index.php/kt/article/view/429


This paper presentes the basic components in function of electronic systems of technical protection which is used for security protection of objects today. At first, it is defined the term of technical security protection, also as types and practical possibilities of it. In this paper, you can see that electronic equipment used in protection of objects, is not able to use efficently, unless it is connected in special functional systems. The significance of perfect function of technical security protection, is credibility of human resource, so it is emphasized in this paper, also as application of crime contents in protection realisation. The particular focus is upon proper conduct of guards and operatores, who manipulate with techinical security protection equipment. They bear enormous responsibility, to forbid unauthorized access, nor protection systems nor objects under protection.

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