Transnational Organized Crime as a Threatening Security Factor
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transnational organized crime
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suppressing transnacionalni organizovani kriminalitet
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Transnational organized crime is expressed through, various forms of crime activities and looking for convenient conditions for its survived, expansion and more presence on international scale. Its actuality is especially seen both in economically developed and underdeveloped countries during the processes of transition for many Eastern and Centred European countries and during the process of globalization as an integral process of international relationship which can unite both world capital market and technology as well.

In order to survive and develop, transnational organized crime finds out appropriate forms of its own protection and the usage of certain benefits through applying force, intimidation, and by establishing criminal connections with the state, state agencies, political structures and with powerful financial and economic systems. At the same time, corruption, extortion, blackmail, intimidation and other illegal means are used a lot. Strengthened in this way, transnational organized crime jeopardizes the security of a certain state, region, and international community, attacking vital values and interests. The mentioned aspects of transnational organized crime are elaborated in this paper, together with the activities of such criminal organizations. The forms of jeopardizing and security protection are also presented as well as some theoretical and practical starting points in. suppressing transnational crime.

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