Some of the Factors That Unables Fight Against Organized Crime

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Modly, D. (2003). Some of the Factors That Unables Fight Against Organized Crime. Kriminalističke Teme, 3(3-4), 51-73. Retrieved from


Some factors that might render difficult or impossible the fight against organized crime. This paper is concerned with five factors that, according to the author, play an important role infighting organized crime. These are the following: (1) the character of organized crime itself in terms of its manifestations and organization, (2) legislative measures in connection with organized crime, (3) crime investigation and Judicial proceedings, (4) the role of police, and (5) corruption.

  • discusses the structure of organized crime (architectonics) and the role and proceedings of law enforcement officers.
  • discusses the legislative measures tn the field of substantive and procedural law relevant to the fight against organized crime.
  • discusses crime-investigation and judicial proceedings related to the organized crime, with a special emphasis on evidence examination and evaluation, and oversights and misconceptions related to it.
  • discusses the police and its role in the fight against organized crime. The emphasis is placed on its organizational forms, police authority and strategic concepts.
  • discusses the role of corruption as the main phenomenon associated with organized crime.
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