Organized Crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina Actual Situation

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Milosavljević, M. (2003). Organized Crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina Actual Situation. Kriminalističke Teme, 3(3-4), 195-215. Retrieved from


Daily happenings force us to become aware of organized crime forces presence in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, it is in evidence that this problem contains variety of uncorrectness and unlogical things. Example for that we can find in statements of different Police representatives, legislative representatives or representatives of any other authorities where one of them claims the presence of organized crime and other deny that. What ever case is in stand it is very clear that most of them don't have comprehension needed for what the organized crime is at all. In Bosnia and Herzegovina thousands of people dissapear without trace as well as lot of cars. Drugs are more and more present and in their distribution even some police officers are involved. Amounts of seized drugs are above hundred of kilograms, the most popular criminals which have our passport are detained in our territory. Activities on prostitution involve domestic as well Os foreign institutions representatives, even Police. Citizens of different countries are detained as crime executors etc. There is a lot of things that are missing in BiH considering successful fight against organized crime. In that sense we don’t have: Strategy on fight against organized crime, suitable regulations, suitable Police role (limitations in different sections), co-operation among police organizations, appliance of new technologies...and sometimes it seems that we don't have will or strenght to fight with organized crime.

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