Organ Trafficking as Form of Organized Crime


organized crime
trafficking human organs
human organ’s black market
preventing organizovani kriminalitet
trgovina ljudskim organima
crno tržište ljudskim organima

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By the end of twenth and beginning of twenthy first century human organs transplatation is riseing up, saving many human beings. However, we speak about extremly expensive medical operations, also as deficit of freewill donors which brings us to increase organized crime in human body parts business and illegal organ trafficking. By this way it has been trying that very rich people in economic developed part of world, are buying human organs from poor people from third world countries, trying to extend human life and reach health all in purpose to reach immortality, so they say the life is many.

Main aim of this writing is to indicate the importance and danger of illegal trafficking human organs also as consequences of illegal migrations, trafficking people, prostitution, and other forms of organized crime, that also in our country is affecting citizens security. This theme is getting its significance considering the fact that we talk about new form of organized crime that we didin’t have chance to read about.

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