Heuristic and Syllogistic Determinants of Alibi Research in Canton Sarajevo


person and physical evidence
Canton Sarajevo alibi
personalni i materijalni dokazi
Kanton Sarajevo

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Deljkić, I. (2010). Heuristic and Syllogistic Determinants of Alibi Research in Canton Sarajevo. Kriminalističke Teme, (3-4), 99-117. Retrieved from https://krimteme.fkn.unsa.ba/index.php/kt/article/view/6


The aim of this paper is to highlight the determinants of proving alibi within the criminal investigation and criminal procedure in the Canton Sarajevo. The paper first points out the basic aspects of investigational and procedural content of proving an alibi, where the alibi is primarily defined as a circumstance that places certain person at a particular place and time, and then as a specific proof. Furthermore, the paper presents the results of quantitative and qualitative empirical research of alibi for the robbery crimes in the Canton Sarajevo, where the quantitative research data shows that the institute of alibi is neglected when it comes to police and judicial authorities in the Canton Sarajevo. Also, the results indicate that in the process of investigating and proving robbery offenses, alibi is treated almost exclusively as a person proof in terms of person evidence that was offered in his support. Such treatment of alibi can have negative implications on its value dimension and determining the truth in criminal procedure proces. Bearing this in mind, we emphasize the importance of compulsory check of alibi while investigating crimes and finding the perpetrators, as well as the ubiquitous use of physical evidence in the process of his investigation and proving.

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