Psihopatija i moć: implikacije za socijalni život


evil as a social construct psihopatija
zlo kao socijalni konstrukt

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Šabani , A. (2022). Psihopatija i moć: implikacije za socijalni život . Kriminalističke Teme, 22(3-4), 51-64.


The paper analyzes the relationship between psychopathy and public power. The focus is on the fact that in public space it is possible to observe certain psychopathological characteristics of persons performing public functions. In this sense, the psychopathological characteristics of persons who construct public space are stated, ie their characteristics are radicalized in the context of power. In this sense, we have listed the key features of psychopathy and power structures that are abused by psychopaths in power. The result is a society that cannot make quality changes and is brought into a state of powerlessness known as collective abdication. We found a strong foothold for these reflections in the work of A.M. Lobaczewski, and we also mentioned T. Clark as the author who forms a sociology of evil. The triad of psychopathy-power-evil is an active reality in a society like ours.
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