Alcohol as a Cause of Traffic Accidents in Canton Sarajevo


blood alcohol concentration
road traffic accidents
Canton Sarajevo alkohol
saobraćajne nesreće
Kanton Sarajevo

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Bojanić, N., Deljkić, I., & Baričanin, V. (2014). Alcohol as a Cause of Traffic Accidents in Canton Sarajevo. Kriminalističke Teme, (3-4), 1-15. Retrieved from


This paper analyzes the impact of alcohol consumption on the occurrence of traffic accidents in the Canton Sarajevo, with the aim to determine the extent to which alcohol appears as a risk factor in these types of accidents in the above mentioned Canton. The research results presented in the paper indicate that alcohol consumption has an impact on the occurrence of road traffic accidents in the Sarajevo Canton, and that the blood alcohol concentration affects the degree of suffering in traffic accidents. Furthermore, the findings of the analysis show that 97% of drivers under the influence of alcohol has been involved in a traffic accident with serious consequences. Nevertheless, the research reports that the average rate of drivers under the influence of alcohol while driving a motor vehicle in the Canton Sarajevo for the observed period was increased to 0, 8%. With having in mind limitations of the research, we conclude that our findings can serve as a starting point for raising new research questions regarding alcohol-related traffic accidents.

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