Some of the Characteristics of the System for Suspension of Illegal Logging in the Canton Sarajevo


illegal logging
ecology crime
forest wealth
Canton Sarajevo
system of formal social control šumska krađa
ekološki kriminalitet
šumsko bogatstvo
Kanton Sarajevo
sistem formalne socijalne kontrole

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Budimlić, M., & Žigić, E. . (2017). Some of the Characteristics of the System for Suspension of Illegal Logging in the Canton Sarajevo. Kriminalističke Teme, (5), 51-80. Retrieved from


Reason(s) for writing and research problem(s): Althought forest are one of the most important natural resources available in the Canton of Sarajevo, according to the reports of the competent institutions, it can not be said that the certainty of detection and adequate sanctioning of the committers of illegal forest cutting is atb satisfactory level. On the contrary, the indicators indicate that a large number of these crimes remain in the dark number of crimes and cause long term and huge, irrecoverably damage for the community.

Goals of this paper (scientific and/ or social): This work will try to point out some important features of the action of the System of suspension of forest theft in order to assess their effectiveness and efficiency, which ultimately should contribute to the improvement of the legislative and institutional response to this very harmful unlawful behavior.

Methodology/ Design: In order to achieve the set goals of the work it will be necessary to apply methods of analysis of regulations, then analysis of the content of reference works in this field, as well as methods of analysis and synthesis of numerical and other indicators from the reports of the institutions responsible for the management and control of forest resources or / and institutions responsible for implementation of repressive measures towards perpetrators of criminal behaviors

Research/ Paper limitations: The fundamental limitations of this work are related to the necessary empirical material. The first limitation refers to existence and availability of certain data indicating the occurrence of forest thefts, second  to the quality and reliability of the collected data from institutions and third to the inability of conducting a representative field survey to obtain immediate insight in a real state. However, we consider that this research can serve as a good basis for the next extensive research on the phenomena of forest theft.

Results/ Findings: The conducted analysis of the collected data should enable the examination of the success of the system for suspension of forest theft in Canton Sarajevo, but also to make proposals for improving this system both at the legislative and institutional level.

General conclusion: The results of the conducted research will enable better planning of the System of forest control theft and will be a new step in the scientific research of this

research/ Paper validity: Illegal logging is one of the most widespread forms of eco- logical crime, whose harmful consequences can compromise many segments of the functioning of each society with a very long-term impact. In addition to direct damage to forest resources and forest reserves, if illegal logging fails to significantly reduce, it would be realistic to expect that the reduction of natural sources of water, as well as the rapid increase in insects and various fungal diseases, will also be expected, which are also relevant side effects of this unlawful behavior. This work aims to contribute to the overall efforts to prevent and combat forest thefts not only in Canton Sarajevo but also in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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