Cites Crimes in Poland – Causes, Manifestations, Prevention

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Duda, M. . (2018). Cites Crimes in Poland – Causes, Manifestations, Prevention. Kriminalističke Teme, (5-6), 95-103. Retrieved from


This study analyses the illegal trade in protected fauna and flora species from the perspective of green criminology. In the criminological part, the author diagnoses the causes of these phenomena (etiology), characterizes symptomatic forms of pathologies occurring in this area (phenomenology) and suggests methods for counteracting and combating undesirable phenomena (prevention). Additionally, statistical data concerning the examined phenomenon in Poland are presented. The relations between CITES crimes and other criminological categories are examined. In the legal part, the author refers to regulations of international law, the European Union law and Polish criminal law. The paper also presents principles concerning liability for CITES crimes in Polish criminal law.

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