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Dear reader,

It is a great pleasure to present you the English edition of the Criminal Justice Issues for 2020. In this edition, we are introducing five interesting papers that discuss relevant and current topics from different scientific fields. Therefore, I hope you will enjoy reading these carefully selected papers.

The first is the original scientific paper titled Deterrence through criminal confiscation? Some exploratory findings from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which addresses the deterrent effect of criminal confiscation by examining prerequisites for deterrence using aggregate data from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The next is the original scientific paper titled Gender effects regarding eyewitness identification performance which examines the possible existence of gender-related effects on eyewitness identification performance in the rarely studied culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other three papers are review papers, the first of which is titled Drones as a permanent and present danger. This paper presents significant security

and operational information on drone attacks from cases detected in various surroundings. The second review paper is titled Security aspects of cultivating the dominance of politics over education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1945.-2019.) which discusses the consequences of politics' domination over education upon current relations between citizens in the post-war era and unveils the impacts of this situation on national security. The last but not the least, is paper titled Understanding the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina which refers to capacities of political and security system in conditions of the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and indicates key risk factors arising from this crisis.

Finally, I would like to express thankfulness to all the members of the Editorial board and peer-reviewers. Their efforts and suggestions have significantly contributed to the quality of this edition.

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