Corruption - System or Individual Weakness

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Datzer, D. (2005). Corruption - System or Individual Weakness. Kriminalističke Teme, 5(1-2), 249-261. Retrieved from


Corruption, as generic notion (defined as such not only on normative-legal, but on theoretically-conceptual level: namely, we are not considering a single, clearly defined quality, but rather a range of behaviours substantially including instrumentation of position in order to achieve personal goals), is historically and geographically wide-spread fact. We are not considering an exclusivity of one era or region: it is rather deviation and aberrance sui generis. Despite contradictory opinions regarding its phenomenology and etiology, one thing is certain: in contemporary societies, it is a phenomenon which demands rapid action, especially in those with degenerated and insufficient economic and political structure. So much the more corruption demands meditation and consideration in post-war, post-socialist, Bosnia and Herzegovina's community, with her complex burdens different nature.

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