Criminalistics in Security Police Work

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Datzer, D. (2004). Criminalistics in Security Police Work. Kriminalističke Teme, 4(1-2), 49-66. Retrieved from


The attempt of this paper was to indicate on, at least, two points: criminalistics, from one side, cannot be identified with police science, nor it can be related exclusively for police work. Criminalistics, seen as practice and theory, finds its usage in all fields and activities whose purpose is prevention and repression of criminal behaviour and state and society directed endangering acts. From other side, cognitions and reaches of criminalistics, cannot be directly applied in practical security police work, but find their modified, adapted use. In that regard we are of the opinion that the overview of criminalistic principles, criminalistic logical process and methods of solving concrete tasks and problems will clearly point out the significance and possibilities of use of criminalistics in state security domain.

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