Victims of Misuse of Power

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Ramljak, A. A., Ahić, J., & Dervišević, A. (2004). Victims of Misuse of Power. Kriminalističke Teme, 4(1-2), 185-207. Retrieved from


The victims of misuse of power are. very similar in first identical to victims of the authoritarian power. But there are content differences between them, taking into consideration the way of getting authoritarian power and culminating it into its peak of power. Since the Platoon there has been opinion that governance, power, politics in general are without basic ethical norms and so it will turn out against its own existence. That bare politic become destructivity, and “political life is in fact imprudent ...... and makes the human morally deformed and spiritually poor" (Šušnjić, Đ., 2001). These Platoon principles were important up to last century, in century to come those ethical principles have been completely left out, so politics got caricatured framework of power. That framework has been characterized with violence and crimes, together with use of all ways of “rule of power". Today we are witnesses and together with that we are mass victims, of terror and organized crime that is carried out by criminal policy on scene today.

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