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Dear reader,

It is my great pleasure to present you with a new English edition of the Criminal Justice Issues – the Journal of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies which includes a wide range of current issues in the field of criminal investigation science, criminology, security studies, psychology and sociology.

The first of the mentioned papers is original scientific paper titled „Family factors and their effects on child violent behaviour“  by Associate Professor at Faculty of Security-Skopje Natasha Peovska. In the paper, based on the results of recent criminological research in the field of juvenile delinquency the author elaborates and analyses part of family characteristics that can influence children's violent behaviour.

The next paper is review paper by Kenan Hodžić, teaching assistant at Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo, titled “Contemporary energy security: COVID-19 era”. In this paper the author tried to determine the factual situation in the field of global energy security of 2021 and the relationship of energy policies to situations in various energy markets of major energy players.

Third paper in this publication is professional paper by Senadin Šabanija, RSO Regional Security Officer in IOM titled “Migrants and refugees: different approaches in local communities and impacts on public safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina” where the author advocates for change in the current approach in Bosnia and Herzegovina aiming to improve the migration management process in local communities ensuring minimal impacts on public safety and security.

The next professional paper is titled “The benefits and limitations of using remote technology to conduct investigative interviews” and written by Kevin Smith from University of Sunderland and National Crime Agency in United Kingdom. In this paper the author reviewed the limited research on the use of remote technology to conduct investigative interviews, and he also reviewed relevant literature from other contexts.

Fifth paper in this publication is also a professional paper titled “Security challenges in organizing and conducting local elections 2020 in the condition of the pandemic virus covid-19” by Ilma Vranac from The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption. The paper offers overview of the challenges of organizing and conducting local elections in B&H in accordance with law regulations without endangering the health and lives of B&H citizens.

Last professional paper is titled “The role of the police in the protection of critical infrastructure in COVID pandemic conditions in the Republic North Macedonia” by Blagojcho Spasov from Ministry of Interior of Republic of North Macedonia.

Finally, in accordance with established practice in recent years, the last part of this edition is reserved for reviews. The authors Arben Murtezić, Director of the Public Institution Centre for judicial and prosecutorial training of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina and Davor Trlin, Professional adviser at the Public Institution Centre for judicial and prosecutorial training of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina together presented the book review titled “Review of the publications about the special investigative actions: Practicum “Special investigative actions”, Zlatko M. Knežević, Ermina Dumanjić, the AIRE centre, Sarajevo, 2019. page 174. and the Manual about the special investigative actions, group of authors, editor professor Hajrija Sijerčić Čolić, Ph.D., Public Institution Centre for judicial and prosecutorial training of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by DCAF, 2020; page 112.”

At the end I would like to express my gratitude to authors, Editorial Board members and peer reviewers who have significantly contributed to the quality of this edition.

Editor in Chief

Marija Lučić-Ćatić

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