Contemporary Energy Security


global energy security
energy security dilemma
global geopolitics
energy utilization
energy production

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Hodžić, K. . (2022). Contemporary Energy Security: COVID-19 Era. Kriminalističke Teme, 22(3), 11-25.


The 21st century is characterized by conflicts and compromises related to the supply of food, water and especially energy. There is a real need to identify threats and causes that could be serious challenges that the world could face due to the coronavirus pandemic. The paper will try to determine the factual situation in the field of global energy security of 2021 and the relationship of energy policies to situations in various energy markets of major energy actors. Just several empirical studies investigate the impacts of epidemics or pandemics on energy security. This paper describes the multifaceted nature of energy security, offers several indicators for assessing changes in energy security and outlines a variety of policy options for enhancing energy security. In order to research the topic, the paper will include a methodology that will provide insight into the importance of energy security, its scope both on the global concept of understanding and its contribution to several conceptual frameworks. The justification of the research is reflected in the need to recognize the importance of the challenges to contemporary global energy security.
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