Private Security as Part of the Global System of Protection and One of the Most Profitabile Services Today


public security
private security
security industry
service javna sigurnost
privatna sigurnost
industrija privatne sigurnosti
uslužna djelatnost

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Pustahija, A., & Ganić, E. . (2014). Private Security as Part of the Global System of Protection and One of the Most Profitabile Services Today. Kriminalističke Teme, (3-4), 47-68. Retrieved from


A common concern of every society, especially of his instruments and all of the components systematized into separate entities, is maintaining optimum state of security. In this article we will outline the position and role of private security companies in providing security services in Bosnian reality and in the modern world. Providing security from a private perspective and its correspondence with the global security system greatly changes the current traditional approach to categorizing security in general. So far a total developmental ascent of private security, in many ways can be linked to the private security industry and its rapid progression. Also, the paper shows the relationship between public and private security, namely a practical view and attitudes that are the product of many years of experience in both security disciplines. The pragmatic aspect of understanding the situation and objective observation and monitoring of performance and operation of companies that are in charge of security services in the private sector is inevitable in modern security sector, it’s a ticket to the future. Only in this way we can gain an understanding of the current situation in the private security sector and have a vision for future perspective of these profitable services.

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