Victimological Aspects of Sects


young people
criminalization of activities
social pathology
proselytism sekte
kriminalizacija aktivnosti
socijalna patologija

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Đukanović, B. . (2009). Victimological Aspects of Sects. Kriminalističke Teme, 9(1-2), 81-95. Retrieved from


This short study of sects is one of the first, if not first, texts on this topic in Bosnian expertly literature. The author explicitly promotes sects as one of the forms of social pathology, and describes the elements of an 'antisocial character that is presents in all of the sects' activities. This text emphasizes high correlation between drug abuse and acceptance of the doctrine of dogmatic sects, which justifies the concept of identifying spiritual and physical addiction.

Destructive effects of particular sects on the vulnerable bio-psycho-social being of young people are particularly emphasized in this text. This study clearly, concisely and suggestively valorizes victimological capacities that every sect possesses.

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